As a mother, I strongly believe in giving every child the chance to live up to what ever they can dream. Exposing young women to the STEM fields early can have a great effect on their belief in themselves and their goals in life. Being a part of conferences such as the Catalyst Conference and WiMiN is my way of increasing the visibility of women in the mathematics. Participating in conferences is a good start, but it is not enough. I have also begun work on a series of conversations at Lebanon Valley College inspired by Melinda Gonzalez's work on the panel Decolonizing Academic Spaces: Women of Color Speaking on Student Success, Allyship and Motherhood.

As I move through my career, I am finding new ways to get involved. I am on the Membership Committee for the  (AWM). As a volunteer, I help to expand membership and organize and run booths for the AWM at events such as the Girl Scouts STEM Expos in Spring 2018.  

Exciting young curiosity as early as I can, I frequently make a crocheted Amish Puzzle Ball as baby gifts. I love that it comes apart into three rings and back fits together to make the ball. If you crochet, you should definitely check it out!


Another one of my passions is being outdoors and enjoying the beauty that the Earth has to offer. My daughters have picked up on that joy and asks to be outside no matter the weather. We enrolled my oldest in Forest Kindergarten so that she can experience the Earth in all of its glory. That education in nature and the arts continues as she continues at the Kimberton Waldorf school.